Join my FREE Online Fitness Group!

What’s the Mad Love Online Fitness Group?

When you join Mad Love Online Fitness Group you get 4 important TOOLS:

1 – Your Own FITNESS TRACKER APP for your Smart Phone

The APP keeps you accountable and more importantly connected to ME (your coach) and let’s you:

  • Track your progress
  • Talk to other members in the group
  • Receive daily updates, tips, tricks and motivation from me – your coach!
  • Record your food intake, weight and measurements
  • Track all your workouts
  • Personal development tips
  • Goal setting exercises
  • Daily check in and motivation

2 – HOME Workouts

You can choose your own home workouts through:

  • BeachBody On Demand
    • It’s like Netflix for workouts and 1000s of workouts to choose from/
  • BeachBody Program DVDs
    • Choose your favourite workout program and have it delivered to your door.
  • Mad Love Fitness Home Workouts 
    • I have created home workouts you can do from home too! Start with these workouts or add them to your daily routine for an extra boost of energy.

OR – keep using your own workouts/gym etc….this group is about using what you have access too.  You do not need to buy a product to join!

3 – Access to the Mad Love Fitness SUPPORT NETWORK (for free)

Every month I add new participants to my private and secret Support Network.  The group is designed to give all the members a great place to get motivated, ask questions to the group about programs and work with me one on one.  Once you join – you’ll find yourself asking “why didn’t I do this sooner”!


if you really want to step it up a notch! This is my SECRET Weapon.  I don’t go one day without drinking it! Click here for more information about Shakeology.

BUT – if you have a shake you already like, or you just don’t do shakes – NO PROBLEM – you can still join for FREE!


Does this really work?

Yes it does, if you commit to this process 🙂 It worked for me and others too!  Check some success stories here. 

Where can I check out all the BeachBody Programs??

Here’s a handy link to my BeachBody Program Site.  All the various programs are accessible through this link!

Can I try out some of the programs before I commit?? 

YES! You can create a FREE premium BeachBody Account for 30 days.  With this you get access to:

  • All BeachBody ON Demand Programs for 30 days. With this premium access you can try out so many BeachBody Program for FREE! And with ON demand internet access you don’t need a DVD player!
  • Free access to BeachBody Super Gym (Blogs, News, Success Stories….)
  • To sign up for your FREE 30 day account click here!

If you have more questions send me an email at Together we can make 2017 your best year yet!!!

Your Friend,